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 Xiao-Lei Zhu, Ph.D.Associate Professor
Room 631, College of Chemistry
Central China Normal University
152 Luoyu Road, Wuhan Hubei Province
P. R. China 430079


Office:Chemistry Building, Room 631
Mobile: +86-15327348018


Ph.D.   Pesticide Chemistry,Central China Normal University (December 2008)
B.S.     Chemistry, AnQing Normal University.(June 2003).


2012 Excellent Poster Award of the 4th “Pesticide and Environmental Security” InternationalAcademic Forum, 5th “Pan-Pacific Pesticide Scientific Conference”& 8th “Plant Chemical Protection and Global Regulation Integration” International Forum
2008 Excellent Poster Award of the International Conference on Theoretical & High Performance Computational Chemistry


Computational biology


A.Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Zhu,X. L.; Yu, N. X.; Hao,G.F.; Yang, W. C.; Yang, G. F*. Structural basis of femtomolar inhibitorsfor acetylcholinesterase subtype selectivity: Insights from computationalsimulations. J. Mol Grap Model. 2013, 41, 55-60.
  2. Zhu,X. L.;Yang, G. F*. A Comparative Studyof Drug Resistance Mechanism Associated with Active Site and Non-Active SiteMutations: I388N and D425GMutants of Acetyl-Coenzyme-A. Carboxylase.Curr Comput-Aided Drug Des, 2012,8, 62-69.
  3. Zhu, X. L.; Wang, F.; Li, H.; Yang, W. C.; Chen, Q.; Yang, G. F*.Design, Synthesis, and Bioevaluation ofNovel Strobilurin Derivatives.Chin. J. Chem. 2012, 30,1999-2008
  4. Zhu,X. L.; Yang, W. C.; Yu, N.X.; Yang, S. G.; Yang, G. F*. Computational Simulations of StructuralRole of the Active-site W374CMutation of Acetyl-Coenzyme-A Carboxylase: Multi-drug Resistance Mechanism.J. Mol. Model. 2011, 17,495-503.
  5. Zhu,X. L.; Hao, G. F.; Zhan,C. G.;* Yang, G. F*.Computational Simulations of the Interactions between Acetyl-Coenzyme-ACarboxylase and Clodinafop: Resistance Mechanism Due to Active and NonactiveSite Mutations. J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2009, 49, 1936-1943.
  6. Zhu, X. L.; Wang, H. B.; Chen, Q.; Yang, W. C.; Yang, G. F*. Preparation and Characterization of Inclusion Complex of Iprodione andα-Cyclodextrin to Improve Fungicidal Activity.J. Agric. Food Chem. 2007,55, 3535-3539.
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  10. Huang, Tong-Hui; Zhu, Xiao-Lei; Zhang,Ai-Dong*; Tu, Hai-Yang. Facile Synthesis of Alternating Benzene-PyrroleOligomers by Cyclization of Propargylic Dithioacetals and Imines and TheirFluorescent Properties.Eur. J. Med. Chem2011, 24,4588-4594.
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  14. Zhao,P. L.; Wang, L.; Zhu, X. L.; Huang, X.; Zhan, C. G.; Wu, J. W.; Yang, G.F. Subnanomolar Inhibitor of Cytochrome bc1 Complex Designed by OptimizingInteraction with Conformationally Flexible Residues. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010,132, 185-194.
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B. Book Chapters

XiaoLei Zhu etc. Chapter 14 New Heterocyclic Pesticide: Insecticide. edited by Bao-An Song, Chemical Industry Press, Beijing, 2010

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