Due to the reconstruction of the lab in August and September, Sometimes the server is not stable. Sorry for the inconvenience. --2018.8.3

Pharmacophore-linked fragment virtual screening (PFVS) is a method for drug design. Now it has been developed into a web server named ACFIS (Auto Core Fragment In silico Screening). In this server, you are required to upload a protein-ligand complex strucutre file, CORE_GEN tool will be used to generate core fragment from your specified ligand based on fragment deconstruction and binding free energy calculation. New hit candidates will be discovered by CAND_GEN tool through fragment-linking.

Summary for ACFIS

PARA_GEN: version 1.0
CORE_GEN: version 2.0
CAND_GEN: version 2.0

since July 17th,2014
Last Update: April 28th,2016

News for ACFIS

CORE_GEN and CAND_GEN now run in parallel!
Add 3 Fragment Database!
Add Primary Mode!